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Small, compact, quick and easy - there’s no reason not to grab a pair of ORB’s for your next ride.

The ORB pairs a sleek, compact design housed in an alloy chassis. Conveniently, the lens itself serves as the light’s operating switch and is protected from inadvertent triggers due to the housing’s design while still allowing for side visibility. The ORB is available in front and rear versions and both feature 3 separate operating modes. Installation is quick and easy thanks to the heavy-duty rubber mounting strap and the rear version features an angled mount for seat post use.

What's Included

Includes 2 CR2032 Batteries.


  • Simple,lightweight, and compact design
  • Easy installation and switch operation
  • Universal rubber band
  • Battery type: CR2032 x2
  • Mount size: ~22-32mm
Modes/Run Time

  • Constant: 50 hours
  • Rapid flashing: 100 hours
  • Slow flashing: 100 hours

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